Revenge Videos

With the advent of technology, it’s no surprise that revenge has gone virtual and digital. Nearly everyone has some sort of camera these days, be it a super advanced digital camera or a small one on the back of their cell phone; so it’s no surprise that with technology so readily at hand, getting revenge through the medium of video is a very tempting prospect.

Video revenge can be extremely damaging, depending on what is filmed and how and where the revenge video is posted. Recording someone’s words or actions and then displaying them for all of the internet to see can sabotage an individual’s life or livelihood, depending on what is posted.

If you are thinking, or ever thought about, getting revenge through video medium, be aware that there are often legal ramifications involved with this. It is actually illegal to take videos of a person, without their knowledge, and put it on the internet, without their explicit permission. The only real way to get around this loophole is to blur out the face of the person in question. This can still be very effective for revenge purposes, but it is a necessary step to take if you don’t want the person that you are taking revenge against to get their revenge against you by bringing in the police!

The internet has taken video revenge to a whole new level. By posting on sites like YouTube, you can effectively publicize whatever you wish to the entire world for free. This is a very effective way of ensuring that your revenge video gets as much airtime as possible. Just remember to check out the legality of posting videos on the internet without the consent of the person involved. Revenge is great, but going to jail over revenge is a little less titillating.

If you are looking to get revenge, you should most certainly be comprehensive in your methodology, but remember not to be empty-headed. Nothing is worth going to jail over, not even the sweetest revenge.