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One thought on “201-257-4938

  1. Caller I.D. reported 201-257-4938 from Hasbrouck Heights ? New Jersey

    Why would “Honeywell” Security associate itself with a telephone SCAM operation? The person who answered started to pitch that my house will be broken into soon if I did not let the company install an alarm system and put “Protected by Honeywell Security System” signs in my yard.

    When I explained that I already had a system, he told me that I wasted his time and that he hopes that I will be broken into. What kind of “sales” person would say that … am I being set up by his “company” to be hit by some home invasion? After all, he seems to have my phone number and that can be associated with my address.

    The local police and the phone company said that they can not help with this type of phone call!!!

    A call to the police department in the city that the call supposedly came from resulted in being told that they can not act on out of state caller’s complaints!!!!
    Caller: “Honeywell Security” SCAM
    Call Type: Telemarketer

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Consumer Reports About Calls From 201-257-4938

  1. 12012574938
    On: May 24, 2012 By: Marijo

    I have received them several times.It is from Honeywell.