Have you been wronged by someone you thought you were close to? Was there a person who you fully believed had your back in every situation, whom you trusted completely and thought they trusted you only for you to suffer the ultimate betrayal? Did they spread lies about you to hurt your reputation when really they were covering for their own wrongdoing?

Did you have a husband or wife that you supported and loved for years that just up and left, leaving you with nothing but pain and hopelessness? Were you stuck gathering the piece of a broken family and home wondering why you had no warning everything was going to fall apart?

Do you work your fingers to the bone and brain to mush to get your work done on time every single day only to be disrespected by your boss? Does your boss not only discredit how hard you work but belittle the work you do? Does your boss compare you to others because they suck up even though they don’t work as hard as you? Or do you have co-workers that take credit for the work you do or slack off while you and a few others do all the work and carry their weight?

Here at Get Revenge, you can finally get your revenge by telling the truth of how your friend betrayed you! Get revenge by telling others how your ‘perfect’ husband or wife left you to mend a broken heart! Or get revenge by telling us which boss plays favorites and doesn’t lead by example!