Cheating Revenge

One of the most prevalent themes of pain and loss throughout the course of human history is being cheated on. There are few greater pains than believing that you are in a loving, monogamous relationship and then finding out through some source that this is not the case. Occasionally, the guilty party will address the other person in the relationship and admit their crimes, but it seems to be more often the case that the non-cheating spouse comes upon the information accidentally or through research.

Being cheated on can undermine the trust and even the love in a relationship. Especially in the event that cheating was not expected, it can cause extremely strong emotions such as hurt and betrayal. These two emotions, especially when combined, often provide the most potent reasons for seeking revenge. Especially in long-term relationships, there is a lot of work and sacrifice involved in getting the relationship to work. Learning that all of that time and energy was wasted can be crushing.

Due to the extremity of emotions that are involved with cheating, the revenge urge is often equally as extreme. Some of the most virulent (and entertaining) revenge stories have come from a lover who realizes that his or her love is being scorned in the worst way possible. It’s amazing how creative individuals can get when under extreme emotional duress. So occasionally, reading about revenge schemes that were enacted by those who have been cheated on can be extremely educational, as well, when it comes to looking into the human psyche.

In the event that you have ever had a lover cheat on you, you are likely well aware of the depth of the pain that can come along with the realization. Whether or not you yourself decided to seek revenge against a cheating lover, chances are high that reading about these stories and learning more about individuals who were in a similar situation to yourself will be therapeutic and entertaining. Cheaters never prosper, and they also tend to be convenient targets for revenge! For this fact alone, remember to stay faithful in your relationships!