School Fish

So going through your senior year of high school can sometimes feel like going to 12 years of hell. You sometimes have good teachers and sometimes you have teachers that are so mean and vicious that you wish they’d just retire. Well this revenge story was from a young man and his group of friends that decided instead to paying back just one teacher they’d make their entire school suffer.

Attending school in Florida “Adam” and his friends decided to use the spring/summer humidity to their advantage so close to the end of school they bought a total of 12 fish and waited until the teachers left and went around to random lockers that were unlocked and stuffed the fish in the lockers before they padlocked the lockers closed. They returned to school on Monday and the entire school thanks to the Florida humidity smelled of disgusting rotting fish. The smell didn’t leave the school for several days.

While this is more of a school prank then revenge it is nonetheless a fairly good revenge. The only thing that this doesn’t really accomplish in terms of revenge is it doesn’t target one person. Everyone becomes a victim instead of the one or couple people that the revenge is really planned for. And while it was decided among Adam and his friends that it would be funnier if everyone suffered that “everyone” therefore includes you as well.

If you want to pull off a really good revenge you want it to be precise and target the person deserving of the revenge. Otherwise everyone suffers and the lesson the revenge is supposed to teach is lost. You become more of an annoyance than someone seeking revenge. I think to make this more of a revenge the fish should have been put in the teacher’s desk or perhaps hidden somewhere in the teachers’ lounge. But then again the smell would still travel around the school. Good prank anyway.


Without a Towel

So a beautiful revenge story of an older sibling (we assume male) watching out for their little sister and providing the revenge the little sister deserved. So the little sister’s friend was dating a guy and eventually they broke up. A month later he was going out with the little sister. Her friend got mad and instead of taking it out on her ex-boyfriend decided to take it out on the little sister.

The older sibling we’ll call “Chris” got a call that he needed to bring clothes to school for his little sister because hers were stolen while she was showering after Gym class. Chris found out from his sister not only had her clothes stolen but her towel as well. So being the good older brother he plotted revenge for her knowing it was his sister’s friend.

Throwing a house party, lots of people came and one was his little sister’s friend. Getting the friend drunk they decided to play a game of truth or dare. Eventually they got the friend to dare to walk among the party guests dressed in the towel. She was so drunk they were able to close the towel in the door and she walked around the party completely naked.

Chris decided the best revenge was to do to her what she tried to do to her sister. She eventually realized she was naked but her clothes had been thrown out the window so she had to run naked outside to get her clothes to redress. Later to Chris’s delight he found that someone had had a camera at the party and took photos of the friend walking around naked and by the end of the school year had been passed around the school.

A great revenge! A very protective older brother who decided to teach the girl who tried to embarrass his sister that his family is not to be messed with! Not only will the girl remember this forever but she’ll probably think twice about getting drunk at a party. Especially at a party of someone she tried to publicly embarrass!


Living in an apartment complex “Joe” knew how thin the walls can be. His neighbor was not only loud when he played music but his neighbor’s girlfriend was loud when she’d come over and they’d have sex. He’d asked his neighbor multiple times to turn the music down but his neighbor would never comply.

Well Joe noticed his neighbor’s girlfriend would flirt with him when he’d see her in the hall. He ignored her until the day that his neighbor was blasting music, and Joe thought he’d finally had enough. When he was getting ready to go ask him he heard a loud crashing sound and when he looked he saw his neighbor had dented his car.

Joe was waiting for his neighbor to return but the girlfriend showed up first. So Joe invited her inside. They ended up getting high and Joe slept with his neighbor’s girlfriend. Needless to say his neighbor returned and recognized his girlfriends intimate sounds and waited for his girlfriend as she left Joe’s apartment. His neighbor was pissed but didn’t go after Joe. The neighbor and this girlfriend eventually broke up and while it wasn’t what Joe had originally intended he figured it was justice served.

While it wasn’t a planned revenge it ended up being revenge instead. Your neighbor isn’t considerate and bangs your car then why shouldn’t you be able to bang his girlfriend, especially if she’s willing. While Joe’s revenge may not solve the loud music problem it at least gets rid of the super loud girlfriend. Joe no longer has to hear her intimate noises coming from his neighbor’s room.

Joe’s incidental revenge can feel just as good as a planned one. For now he knows it was thanks to him in whole or in part that they broke up. So while it wasn’t your original intention it’s a good revenge just the same. Joe was intimate with his neighbor’s girlfriend in exchange for his dented car and loud neighbor.

Manager Revenge

A relatively new employee to a sports apparel store the sales associate named Julie would talk to customers that were shopping. A way to encourage good customer service you would think because customers would feel engaged and paid attention to. But Julie’s manager felt differently and if Julie talked to customers for more than a minute her manager would glare at her.

Her manager would tell her to get to work even though there would be no real work for Julie to do. The manager prided herself on being efficient and providing quality. And the store had high customer service ratings as well so that is where Julie decided to hit her manager. Julie convinced four of her friends to come into the store as customers and act crazy.

Sure enough throughout a specified day her friends came in acting as regular customers and started yelling about the cheap quality and poor service. All four of her friends came in and thoroughly embarrassed and left her stressed for the rest of the day. By the end of the day her manager was very mad and upset. It was exactly what Julie wanted out of her revenge.

So Julie got exactly what she wanted. Her manager was always on her case about talking and giving Julie a hard time so thanks to Julie’s friends she was able to give her manager a hard time. And a wonderfully hard time of it too. This is a great way to get back at your manager especially to do it in such a way that you feel satisfied your manager got what was coming to them and you don’t lose your job for setting it up either. Good job Julie for getting back at your manager. Hopefully she won’t get so angry about you keeping customers calm with a simple polite conversation

Revenge for Buzzing

So “Norman’s” roommate was slightly anti-social and had a bad habit of letting his alarm buzzer sound for several minutes before he would get out of bed. Norman had asked his roommate several times to stop lying in bed while the alarm continued to go off. However, his roommate refused to show Norman courtesy by stopping it right away.

So Norman borrowed an alarm clock from his father that was loud enough to resemble a tornado alarm and planted it under his bed and set it for early morning before he went to sleep at a friend’s room. When the alarm went off it woke up the whole dorm. Some people even started heading outside figuring it was a real alarm.

His roommate was searching for the alarm and Norman and his friend were up all night laughing in his friend’s room. His roommate heard them laughing and yelled at him for an hour. However, Norman’s revenge did its job. After the revenge alarm clock incident his roommate was quick to stop his alarm every morning once the buzzer stated to sound.

So is this a good way to get revenge? Well let’s see; a roommate asked repeatedly to stop only to ignore your request, an alarm that sends the roommate flying out of bed along with everyone else in the dorm, you and a friend were able to laugh about it while your roommate cursed your name, and the roommate starts to do exactly as you originally asked?

Yes, this is a terrific form of revenge. Now Norman’s roommate knows that if he’s asked politely to do something (like turn off his alarm clock in a reasonable amount of time) it’s best if the roommate to comply. The revenge accomplished exactly what it was meant to do and no one was physically harmed. The alarm set up was a terrific way to get revenge and it’s great that laughs came out of it too.


When the Dealer Gives You Lemons

So cars are becoming common ways of extracting revenge and one man out of New Hampshire decided to return a car that his wife had purchased the previous week. So the man named David returned to the Used Car dealership where his wife purchased a van only to find that the van had many problems. And many of the problems with the van would be very expensive to fix.

The condition of the van was so bad that David’s mechanic recommended he take it back to the dealer. However, David lost his temper when the dealer told him he wouldn’t take the car back and that David was stuck with it. So David decided he’d take out his frustration on the dealership. David drove to the van back to the dealership and drove into six cars. And after taking out six cars not including his own van David waived down a police car and told the  officer what he had done and why. He of course was arrested and ended up being charged with six felonies.

So is this a good way to get revenge? No, absolutely not! This resulted in the revenge seeker achieving nothing more than several felony charges and losing the van that he was hoping to return. Instead of recommending that you take your car purchase and drive it into other vehicles it would probably be better to find alternate routes of seeking vengeance.

Perhaps calling a lawyer and seeking legal advice on the transaction. What information had purposely been withheld or what the car salesmen said that he lied about in order to complete the sale. And besides talking to a lawyer you can always write into a newspaper, go online and write a review about their terrible vehicles and shady business practice, call the dealer owner and report the car salesmen. Whatever path you take, crashing your car into the vehicles out of revenge is the wrong way to get revenge.

Drive-Thru Fury

So on the news recently was this story: A man in Ohio went to his local Taco Bell and after realizing he had been shorted a taco decided to drive his truck into the building. The offender drove his white truck into the Taco Bell entrance and then drove away. Police were called to the Taco Bell and were able to follow the leaking fluid from the vehicle all the way to the home of offender. He was arrested at his house and admitted that he intentionally hit the building when he knew he had been shorted one taco.

So how about this as a form of revenge? While no one was physically injured this is still a terrible way to get revenge. And it is also hard to call being shorted a single $.99 taco worthy of revenge. If he had returned to the drive thru and simply informed them he was missing a single taco then I’m sure Taco Bell would have easily given him the taco he was shorted.

Now he faces criminal charges as well as a truck that will need to be repaired. And that is if he has the money to pay for the car repairs. Someone who freaks out over a missing taco probably doesn’t have the money necessary to pay for repairing a vehicle or court fees. So no, if you feel you’ve been ripped-off or cheated out of a $.99 taco smashing your vehicle into Taco Bell is possibly the worst way to get revenge.

No matter how mad you get at any drive-thru restaurant whether because you were shorted a food item, they messed up your order, gave you someone else’s food or the drive-thru attendant was rude don’t drive your vehicle into the building. It will do little harm to them and a lot of harm to you. And your revenge won’t even look justified. You’ll look like someone freaking out over something small and insignificant and they’ll look like the victims.

Window Thief

This is another college revenge story. So “Tom” while he was at college had monthly room checks to ensure no damage had occurred to school property. One month Tom was charged almost $200 because someone had stole his window screens. He was forced to pay the school to replace the window screens until some of his dorm mates returned the screen to him and his money was refunded.

Then “Tom” who found out who stole his windows decided to get back his aggressors during the winter season. While it was freezing cold Tom snuck into his aggressor’s dorm room and removed their entire window. Suspecting it was Tom the dorm mates whose window he stole accused him. He denied it.

He was later called before the College President and Dean of Admissions and he still denied it. Having no proof he wasn’t convicted of the thievery and he dorm mates had to sleep in their room in 20 degree weather with nothing but plastic over their windows. The college had to custom order new windows and after Tom heard the window would be replaced in a few days snuck back in and replaced the window he stole.

This is an awesome college revenge story! What better way to pay someone back for their revenge but by doing the same thing they did but much better? I don’t know how Tom managed to lift a whole window by himself because windows can be very heavy but that he did is amazing! Maybe they were small windows.

But this is a great way to get revenge. No one was physically harmed unless the boys caught a cold due to their freezing room. And what makes it better is that Tom was called before the College President and the Dean and still got away with it! This is a funny revenge story.

Don’t Cheat During a Funeral

So this revenge story comes from a woman who caught her boyfriend cheating on her. While “Laura” was away from college to attend a funeral she found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her. After getting over her anger that he cheated while she was attending a funeral she decided to get her revenge on him.

She told him that for spring break they should go to Mexico and her parents were paying. He fell for it of course and she told him his ticket would be waiting for him at the airport. He called her when his ticket wasn’t there so she told him she was already in Mexico and didn’t know what happened to his ticket but she would pay him back if he charged his. He did and flew to Mexico to meet her.

But, she was still back home. She told him to meet her at a hotel that didn’t exist. He kept calling every couple minutes but she wouldn’t answer her phone. For a few days she left it off but eventually turned it back on and he was again calling she answered and asked if it was worth his cheating while she attended a funeral. He ended up hitchhiking back to the U.S.

A terribly creative yet evil revenge story! Laura is an evil mastermind in the making. No doubt he will think long and hard before he considers cheating again. And who would cheat on their girlfriend while she’s gone to a funeral anyway. Terribly disrespectful, but then again that’s who he is right? A great revenge because he fell for it completely. He jumped at the chance for a trip believing he’d have fun for free. So not only will he reconsider cheating but hopefully he’ll wise up and not play the fool believing he can get something for nothing.

Creative Sergeant

This is a revenge story that has a terrific ending. “Bill” was an army private who had been gone overseas for a while when he received a very depressing and crushing letter from his girlfriend who was informing in that she had been unfaithful and that she wanted the pictures he had of her back. Bill was upset so he went to his sergeant and asked for advice and was told to wait for a couple hours.

The sergeant who obviously has a mind for revenge or perhaps had been slighted by a woman in his own past went around collecting lots of photos from many different woman from all around the army base. The sergeant then had Bill mail the pictures along with a letter back to Bill’s cheating girlfriend.

Eventually the cheating and heart-breaking ex-girlfriend received a box full of photos and Bill’s letter telling her that he understood why she wanted to break up unfortunately he could no longer remember what she looked like so he sent his entire collection of photographs and requested that she take the pictures of her out but send the rest of them back to Bill.

So is this a good revenge story? Absolutely! Imagine how the girlfriend, sorry, ex-girlfriend must have felt when she received a box full of photos of beautiful women only to be told that her Bill who was stationed overseas couldn’t remember what she looked like!

That sergeant has a terrific mind for strategic revenge! No wonder he’s in the military! I hoped Bill enjoyed his revenge. While his heart was crushed he no longer has to worry about being stuck or faithful to a lying two-timing woman like he was with before. And no matter how bad Bill must have felt at least he can feel satisfied knowing her ego must have been crushed by his seemingly forgotten her with all his other women! Great revenge to you Bill and your sergeant!

Revenge Backfire

So this story came from someone who posted their revenge story and knew it had backfired and considers the event now to be funny. We’ll call the poster “Wayne.” When Wayne was in college he had a hard time controlling his temper and he’s not ashamed to admit it. Well Wayne was annoyed at his college roommate because when Wayne’s friends would come over to visit the roommate would make a lot of passive aggressive comments. The comments were always because Wayne’s friends attended a rival university but they were in no way bad people.

So Wayne and everyone went to a party and were planning on sleeping at another friends place after the party. Wayne went around and set up his dorm room with multiple alarm clocks set to go off at varying intervals. Figuring his roommate would be asleep and reawakened frequently to track down the offending alarm clocks.

Unfortunately, for Wayne and his friends they all went back to his place to sleep and they were all super drunk. They ended up being the target of Wayne’s own prank. Wayne went around shutting off the alarm clocks in his drunken sleep state. He missed one only to turn it off and destroy his own alarm clock when it rang in the morning.

He destroyed his alarm clock in a feral fit and cut his hand. To add insult to injury his roommate hooked up with a girl from the party and never came back to the room. So, Wayne never got his revenge and if anything punished himself more than his roommate by his failed prank.

While it’s unfortunate that Wayne’s revenge ended backfiring on him instead of working on his roommate as planned it is still a great revenge. Thankfully, Wayne knew the location of most of the alarm clocks but had his roommate been the one sleeping there that night he would have been sure to be fuming with anger being awoken all night by a new alarm clock. A great prank but it’s a shame it didn’t get the right target.

Don’t Blame the Messenger

So this is a college revenge story. The main protagonist had a super loud alarm clock that others asked to borrow for their own acts of revenge and of course our protagonist “John” being the nice and simple guy that he is decided that he would let others get their revenge and play their pranks. Well, the alarm clock ended up being planted under the mattress of a guy who “John” really didn’t have any problem with.

So feeling like he was doing the guy a common courtesy John went and warned the guy what was under his mattress only for the guy to turn around and accuse John of planting it himself and trying to cover for it. John was accused of telling the guy what he planned just so he wouldn’t be suspected. Of course being accused falsely made John none too happy.

So dishing out his own revenge he came back the next night with a record sleeve completely stuffed with baby powder. Sticking it under the door of his false accuser John then jumped landing with both feet blowing baby powder underneath the door coating the entire room with a coat of baby powder. Such was the glory of his revenge that it quickly became the prank of his college campus and John’s false accuser was hit with the loud alarm clock weeks later.

This is an awesome revenge! John was trying to be a good guy and warn someone who he felt didn’t deserve to be pranked only to have his good deed shoved in his face. His revenge was well deserved and well served. And what makes it better was that the original prank meant as revenge by others in the dorm was acted out anyway! A terrific revenge story filled with college pranks and jerks who deserve it!

Negatives of Revenge

Our revenge story is of a male “Jake” getting revenge on his old girlfriend. Jake was dating his absolute dream girl. She appealed to him in every way except that she wouldn’t allow him to engage her in any sexual manner. Jake was of course frustrated but willing to wait until she was comfortable for such a thing like a gentlemen except for under wine influenced euphoria she allowed him to take a series of nude photos of her.

Come morning she demanded the film be disposed of but he’d already developed the pictures. Jake gave her the photos but kept the negatives latter claiming to have lost them. But, Jake noticed that she started to spend longer and longer online and eventually discovered that while her body was off limits to him she had no qualms having cybersex with some guy online.

Not too long after they broke up and he moved on until his new girlfriend who gave him the idea for his revenge. He took the photos of his ex and posted them to her online community with a slight change of name and also sent the album to her parents with a fake message. Needless to say the images exploded and Jake still finds the pictures floating around occasionally.

Now this is another terrific revenge story. No one was physically harmed and Jake was able to issue out his payback with little to prove it was him leaving little way for it to come back to him. For while she may suspect that Jake was the one to post the pictures he had told her that he lost the negatives and that someone else may have found them. Perhaps now she’ll think before she lets nude pictures be taken of herself or before she denies someone real sex for cybersex.

Videos Are Priceless

So there are just as many women willing to cheat on their man just as there are men willing to cheat on their women. But for all you cheaters out there beware! Sometimes you’re not as safe with your side-candy as you might think!

This story came from a man who knew he was his lady friends “other lover.” She was in a relationship and seeing our revenge artist on the side. And after a while of the girl two-timing both guys she started to become nervous that she was going to get caught. So telling our soon to be revenge seeker that she wanted to end it with him he pretended he was cool with it but decided he wasn’t going to let her drop him like no big deal.

So he invited her over for one last fling which he secretly videotaped. After their parting fling was over she returned to her other boyfriend and our revenge seeker took his homemade cheaters caught life video, gift wrapped it, and mailed it to her boyfriend as a graduation gift. While not knowing exactly how the boyfriend reacted to the video it came as no surprise that the girl was distraught.

This is a great revenge and very simple too! While he willingly went out with a girl he knew was actively dating another guy he didn’t make her cheat on her current boyfriend. And if anything he did the other guy a favor by telling him exactly what kind of girl he was dating.  We think that this is a very good way to get revenge. It is very hands off and really the only person to get hurt is the two-timing girl.

Our revenge seeker wasn’t to hurt by her ending their relationship and now the other boyfriend knows her dishonest ways. All in all this is a good easy way to get back at her for both two-timing and to break up her other relationship without getting into it with the other male.

Taking Road Kill for a Drive

The teller of this revenge story and her brother had gotten their payback years ago and they don’t remember what it was that their victim of revenge did to them but he remembers well how they paid him back. We’ll call the brother Mark, and the sister we’ll call Julie. Well Mark and Julie knew they wanted revenge so they went out and purchased a collar and a leash. They then proceeded to drive around until they found the dog road kill they had been looking for.

After finding the road kill they bagged it with the help of a police officer who happens to ask if they need help. After a small fib of this road kill being their dog they get the dog back to their home. Putting the collar and leash around the dead dog’s neck they proceeded to tie the other end of the leash to the axle or bumper.

They then stuffed what they could of the dog up under the carriage of the car so it wouldn’t fall out right away. So while Mark and Julie didn’t get to see the fruits of their labor the assumption is the dog came loose and it looked as though the poor dog was dragged to death by the heartlessness of a careless owner.

While a little on the gross side this is a very creative way to get revenge! Imagine what the recipient of their revenge thought when not only was there a dog being dragged behind his car but a dead dog that may have been dead for a while on top of it! A very creative way to get revenge and its only a shame that neither Mark nor Julie got to see the result and reaction that their revenge brought forth in their victims reaction!

Revenge Cookies

A woman we’ll call “Jill” has a husband “Bill” who left for a research project in South America for two months. And when making a routine call Jill was told by one of Bill’s colleagues that she had walked in to find that Bill had been sharing more than just cultural differences with a young native woman.

After swearing to not reveal her source Jill went through the emotional distress of finding out she’d been cheated on. After getting over her tears Jill had a calming glass of wine and headed to her local bar. She then like most loving wives sent her husband a care-package filled with cookies baked with her… love.

Her husband shared his wife’s homemade cookies with roommates while they watched shows recorded by his wife. Suddenly, surprise! She recorded her giving oral sex to a male participant only to spit out his “special ingredient” into her bowl of cookie dough. Then stated she wanted a divorce.

So is this a good way to get revenge? Oh yeah! Who would suspect cookies as being your weapon of revenge? It’s the epitome of expressing sweet, sweet revenge! Granted her revenge was planned to get back at her cheating husband but now his roommates will be able to torment him. Whether or not his roommates knew of his affair they’ll no doubt start asking questions for they too will want to know what he did that pissed off his wife to the point of poisoning cookies with … man milk. And if he doesn’t come clean then well, the relationship is over anyway right?

And while this is a hilarious and seemingly easy and physically safe way to get revenge if you want to get revenge in a sexual way be sure you know the person you’re using is clean and safe. You don’t want your revenge to backfire by jeopardizing your health. You want your revenge to be safe.

Christine Lanno is a lying cheating wife

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John Grahamslaw is cheating on his wife with my wife

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