I have been seeing this number trying to contact us for the last couple of weeks. I finally wanted to find out who it was and to put an end to it. Spoke to a man with a very thick Indian accent.. Forget the name he gave. He told me that my PC has been sending his company many error reports. I told him no it hasn’t as I have been building PCs and working in technical support for over 30 years. I played along for a while. He asked me to bring up a command prompt in Windows and was heading into my registry. I did not type anything but still played along. I asked what company he represented. He said something like Sunshine Computers on behalf of Microsoft. I said really? Mr. Gates is aware that you are mentioning his company while you are trying rip people off and hack into their PCs.. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he brought over another person (male) with a similar but slightly different accent. Neither men seemed to know how to communicate on a phone worth a damn. I explained that they will not call again or I would do my best to find where they are and shut them down.

One thought on “999-910-0122

  1. This # called out of nowhere and a VERY IMPATIENT man with a VERY AGGRESSIVE attitude started poking me around looking at my eventvwr. Big deal. I tried to get his name he said “Simon” but was barely intelligible and something also about being with a service provider, as it was pretty evident, to me, from the start, that Microsoft would hire professional employees IF they were even going to be doing something insane like helping this way (keep them busy til 3025)

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