Revenge Hollywood Style

Has anyone ever done something that just made you so angry, you had to get revenge?  While some people take out their anger or frustration in a somewhat straightforward manner, others get a little bit creative in evening the score.

One man, for instance, told a story of how he got revenge on his cheating wife in true American Lampoon style by leashing the carcass of a dead dog and attaching it to the back of the car owned by the man with whom his wife was cheating.  The lover failed to notice the dead dog and drove the car with the man’s wife in tow, dragging the dead dog behind in the process.

Just as Clark Griswold was pulled over in the infamous scene of National Lampoon’s Vacation, the lover was subsequently stopped by a K9 patrol and was cited for several offenses including animal cruelty.  When the lover tried to claim the dog wasn’t his, the police officer pointed out the dog tags, which the man had gone to the trouble of having made before attaching the dog to the lover’s car, reflecting the lover’s name and address as the owner.  As an added amusement, the man had given the dead dog the name “Clark.”

Drawing on famous movie moments guaranteed to humiliate someone was a super creative way for the man to exact revenge on his wife’s lover.  However, for bonus points, he should have added something extra that would impact his wife as much as her lover.  After all, it takes two, right? His wife certainly wasn’t innocent in the matter.

Perhaps he should have thrown in a bit of Godfather style revenge, attached the leash to a different part of the dog since it’s not likely the dog’s body was fully in tact after being dragged down the road, and placed the dog’s head in bed next to his wife the following evening.  Now that’s revenge Hollywood style!

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