Porn Revenge

There are many different ways that individuals decide to seek revenge on others. This particular story comes from a fun sense of college revenge, and those who have already been through the hallways of higher learning will definitely enjoy hearing a little bit about some fun pranks that go on in college dorms. Sit back, relax, and get ready to go back in time.

This particular revenge was against the coordinator of the dorm hall. This was the person who was responsible for enforcing policy, so consequently they were not very popular. This was in a boys dorm, and one night while the coordinator was out on a date, the boys decided to get their revenge. They were aware that the coordinator was planning on taking his girlfriend back to the dorm in order to perhaps get a little bit lucky. This is when the revenge occurred.

There was an individual in the dorm who would manage to get a hold of master keys to all of the rooms in the building. They used the master key in order to get into the coordinator’s room, and then they removed every single piece of furniture that was in the room. After, they bought some pornography magazines and taped up the most explicit photos they could find on the walls, and then left a few well-placed sex toys as well as bottles of lubrication out on the floor.

Unsurprisingly, the coordinator’s job did not go as smoothly as originally anticipated. This was a great example of pornographic revenge!