Noisy Revenge

It is likely that at some point in your life you have had a noisy neighbor. If you would like to hear a story about somebody getting her revenge against a neighbor who was a little too annoying, read on.

The story starts out as many do, with an annoying neighbor who kept on being loud no matter how many complaints were filed. Another thing that the person filing the complaint notices is that the boyfriend of the noisy neighbor was very flirtatious. Finally, one day she looked out of her window and heard a crash. She saw the noisy neighbors car squealing away from her car where there was a new dent. Finally, she decided to get her revenge.

The next day when the boyfriend came up, the girl started to flirt back with him. She invited him into her house for a drink. He accepted. As it goes much of the time, one thing led to another and soon the boyfriend and the girl were having sex. Of course, the noisy neighbor decided to come back in the middle of it – and heard the entire thing.

This did not necessarily make the apartment complex that much quieter. In fact, it got even louder since the next two weeks were taken up with the noisy neighbor and the boyfriend fighting. Even though there was still noise in the apartment complex, the girl was glad to get her due revenge! Make sure that you keep it down in your apartment complex, otherwise you might find that your neighbors are more creative with revenge than you ever thought possible.

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