Salty Revenge

One day, a college man was going for a run in the back country roads surrounding his campus. He was minding his own business, when suddenly a car drove up beside him. It had been raining earlier, so there were lots of large puddles on the backcountry road. The car swerved, and purposely drove through the puddle, soaking the jogger. It was obvious that the move was done on purpose, as the jogger saw two girls in the car laughing as it drove away.

Later on, the jogger decided that if the drivers of the car were actually students at the college, he would get his revenge. Eventually, he did find out who the drivers of the car were. It turns out that the driver was a very spoiled person on campus that nobody liked.

The jogger was a country boy, so when he went home for his next break, he went to a local farmer supply store and purchased a salt lick. For those who are not in the know, a salt lick is a giant block of salt that is used to feed cows. Somewhat unfortunately, the driver of the car also happen to be rather overweight and conscious of this.

He ended up sending the block of salt COD (that’s cash on delivery – the recipient has to pay the postage) to the dorm address of the girl. Not only did she have to spend all of her laundry money to pay for the postage, she was also somewhat less than pleased to see a note attached that said “for the best cow on campus.”

Ouch! It just goes to show – being rude to joggers doesn’t pay!