Postage Paid Revenge

Nobody likes junk mail. When you open up your mailbox and see that it is stuff with nothing but advertisements and flyers, it can be very frustrating. In fact, if you are receiving a lot of junk mail and are tired of dealing with mounds and mounds of what essentially becomes trash or recycling, here is a little tip for you can get a touch of revenge.

One reader suggests collecting all of the junk mail and advertisements that you received throughout the week, and then sort the ones that have prepaid mailing out from the rest. Throw away the ones that do not have free mailing. For the ones that do have prepaid postage, remove any trace of your address from the mail and then stuff it back into the envelope and send it back to the company. They will never know who sent it, and then they will be stuck receiving junk mail the exact same way that you are!

Of course, this is a very small revenge, but those who engage in it find it an enjoyable hobby and feel as though they are getting a little bit of revenge for all of the junk mail that they need to sort through throughout the week. Receiving junk mail is extremely irritating, and sometimes getting a little bit of irritating revenge in return is all you need to do. Make sure that you stay tuned to our site for more revenge inspiration and ideas. With a clever mind and sense of humor, revenge can go far.

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