School Revenge

Nobody knows better than us that schoolchildren can be cruel. In fact, some of the best stories of revenge that we have ever heard have to do with schoolchildren finally getting their own. Going to school can be a tough event for many, but there is always a bit of triumph in hearing a revenge story that went off against the bully successfully. Admit it; those stories make you warm inside!

This particular story has to do with the bully and an exchange student from China in middle school. Apparently, the bully just made fun of the Chinese exchange student the entire year and didn’t really get in trouble for. If his comments were overheard, he got detention, but that did not happen very often and was clearly not a deterrent.

Finally, on the last day of class, the bully made fun of the Chinese exchange student again, and the teacher made both of them step out into the hall so that he could apologize to her. Well, apparently the exchange student was not in the mood for an apology, so she decided to kick him between the legs and knock him on the floor.

The entire class heard, and the teacher didn’t even get the exchange student into trouble because the teacher was aware of all of the problems that the exchange student had with the bully the entire year. Of course, school was only in session for a week, but the bully definitely did get a lot of flack for letting a girl beat him up!