Instant Revenge

The Internet takes center stage in many revenge stories. With the modern world being what it is, this is hardly surprising. In this story, two best friends in high school got into a fight and one decided to take revenge by pretending to be somebody else on the Internet. She ended up IMing the friend over an anonymous name, and posing as a high school boy. The friend ended up lying about her sexual experience, and agreed to meet up with the handsome stranger for drinks. The girl then gave her friend the address of a random high school senior, who was very surprised when a freshman showed up and told him that she was ready to drink.

The next day the story was all over school, and many people had seen the actual transcript from the conversation, which the girl had brought in. Turns out that this ended up making life so difficult for the friend that her parents ended up having her change school districts so that she wouldn’t have as hard of a time with taunting.

This just shows that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, even if that woman was originally your friend. Make sure that you keep on the straight and narrow with your friends and try to keep your relationships as harmonious as possible in order to avoid the potential repercussions of revenge. With the Internet being what it is today it is very easy to set up traps and foibles, so be sure that you protect yourself from revenge by not being a bad person!