No Sugar – Just Revenge

Sometimes the appearance of revenge can be better than actually doing something harmful to property or persons. For example, take this story. A law student was just about ready to graduate from Florida University, and he was tired of dealing with the antics of the valedictorian. Basically, the valedictorian would never shut up about how great a lawyer he was, and how he was going to get the best job ever. Now, the law student realized that doing something such as putting sugar in the gas tank is actually illegal as it falls under the destruction of personal property. However, this did not stop him from getting his revenge.

What the student ended up doing was pouring a little bit of glue on the side of the valedictorians car, and then pouring sugar on top of the glue so that it looked as though there was sugar in the gas tank. When the valedictorian came outside and saw the sugar on his car, he had to call a tow truck as running the engine could cause damage. Of course, when the car got to the mechanics shop, the mechanic told him that there was no sugar in his car. Of course, this was on the day of the bar exam.

The valedictorian ended up missing the bar exam and had to wait longer to be able to graduate. This kind of revenge is unique in that it doesn’t actually harm anybody or personal property, but it definitely throws a monkey wrench in the plans of those who like to step all over others in the name of success!