Football Revenge

And this is not to say that all football players are evil incarnate, but if you’ve ever been on the business end of a football player who has a bone to pick, you are likely going to get a little bit of enjoyment out of the story. This story takes place in a small, rural town in Texas where football reigned supreme. The girl in the story was a typical artistic nerd; she wore black and eventually became an English major. Of course, she and her friends were often the target of general teasing, but one day the football team took it too far.

Basically, they found out that the girl’s friend was a lesbian and the football team (or, at least 10 of them) went to the friend’s house and vandalized the house and car. They were not particularly good at keeping a secret, however; the quarterback even came up and asked the girls if they had “seen any good art lately.” The local police were no help, as they said that since nobody had seen the football players actually commit the crime it could not be investigated.

Well, it turns out that the football team did not have a very good record. In fact, the very next day after the girls got back from the police office, they skipped school and wrote 0-7 on all of the football players lockers, which happened to be their record for that year. When they got out of class, the football players were all horrified and spent a long time removing the art from their lockers.

This is not a particularly dirty revenge, but it is always good to get a little bit of your own back when dealing with stronger entities.

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