Postage Paid Revenge

Nobody likes junk mail. When you open up your mailbox and see that it is stuff with nothing but advertisements and flyers, it can be very frustrating. In fact, if you are receiving a lot of junk mail and are tired of dealing with mounds and mounds of what essentially becomes trash or recycling, here is a little tip for you can get a touch of revenge.

One reader suggests collecting all of the junk mail and advertisements that you received throughout the week, and then sort the ones that have prepaid mailing out from the rest. Throw away the ones that do not have free mailing. For the ones that do have prepaid postage, remove any trace of your address from the mail and then stuff it back into the envelope and send it back to the company. They will never know who sent it, and then they will be stuck receiving junk mail the exact same way that you are!

Of course, this is a very small revenge, but those who engage in it find it an enjoyable hobby and feel as though they are getting a little bit of revenge for all of the junk mail that they need to sort through throughout the week. Receiving junk mail is extremely irritating, and sometimes getting a little bit of irritating revenge in return is all you need to do. Make sure that you stay tuned to our site for more revenge inspiration and ideas. With a clever mind and sense of humor, revenge can go far.

Toilet Revenge

There are stories on the site that have to do with relationships gone wrong. Of course, this is not particularly surprising, as love is one of the most intense sources of revenge, but the good news is that the stories that are born from relationships gone sour never seem to get old! Here is a story that is brought to you courtesy of a girlfriend who was tired of her boyfriend’s potty mouth, and finally decided she would do something about it.

Apparently, the boyfriend would go out every Friday and Saturday night while the girl tended to stay at home. This in itself was not necessarily a problem—the issue would be when the boyfriend came home very drunk. Even the drunkenness would have not been such a big deal, but while drunk he would accuse the girlfriend of cheating and call her all sorts of nasty names. Eventually, the girl got tired of it, and decided to take action and get her revenge.

Before breaking up with the boyfriend, she went into the bathroom one night while he was out and cleaned the entire toilet bowl (including under the rim) with his toothbrush and then replaced the toothbrush in the holder. Once that was done, she waited for him to come home and then broke up with him when he started going into his usual drunken tirades.

The girlfriend figured that if the boyfriend wanted to have a potty mouth, that she would help him along with that goal! And that is what we call excellent revenge.

School Revenge

Nobody knows better than us that schoolchildren can be cruel. In fact, some of the best stories of revenge that we have ever heard have to do with schoolchildren finally getting their own. Going to school can be a tough event for many, but there is always a bit of triumph in hearing a revenge story that went off against the bully successfully. Admit it; those stories make you warm inside!

This particular story has to do with the bully and an exchange student from China in middle school. Apparently, the bully just made fun of the Chinese exchange student the entire year and didn’t really get in trouble for. If his comments were overheard, he got detention, but that did not happen very often and was clearly not a deterrent.

Finally, on the last day of class, the bully made fun of the Chinese exchange student again, and the teacher made both of them step out into the hall so that he could apologize to her. Well, apparently the exchange student was not in the mood for an apology, so she decided to kick him between the legs and knock him on the floor.

The entire class heard, and the teacher didn’t even get the exchange student into trouble because the teacher was aware of all of the problems that the exchange student had with the bully the entire year. Of course, school was only in session for a week, but the bully definitely did get a lot of flack for letting a girl beat him up!

Instant Revenge

The Internet takes center stage in many revenge stories. With the modern world being what it is, this is hardly surprising. In this story, two best friends in high school got into a fight and one decided to take revenge by pretending to be somebody else on the Internet. She ended up IMing the friend over an anonymous name, and posing as a high school boy. The friend ended up lying about her sexual experience, and agreed to meet up with the handsome stranger for drinks. The girl then gave her friend the address of a random high school senior, who was very surprised when a freshman showed up and told him that she was ready to drink.

The next day the story was all over school, and many people had seen the actual transcript from the conversation, which the girl had brought in. Turns out that this ended up making life so difficult for the friend that her parents ended up having her change school districts so that she wouldn’t have as hard of a time with taunting.

This just shows that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, even if that woman was originally your friend. Make sure that you keep on the straight and narrow with your friends and try to keep your relationships as harmonious as possible in order to avoid the potential repercussions of revenge. With the Internet being what it is today it is very easy to set up traps and foibles, so be sure that you protect yourself from revenge by not being a bad person!

Put What In The Tank?

There are many different ways to go about getting revenge by messing with cars. Cars tend to be very expensive investments no matter what shape they are in, and those who actually have nice cars tend to put a lot of pride into them. Therefore, they are very popular targets for pranks and revenge.

There are few things that you should know before embarking on this kind of revenge, however. One of the most important things to realize that in some jurisdictions the old “sugar in the tank” ruse can be interpreted as a crime. Make sure that you read up on the laws in your area before deciding to sweeten up your target’s gas tank a bit. A good way to get revenge on somebody without actually putting sugar in the tank is to pour a little bit of glue on the outside of the car dripping down from the tank, and then just put sugar on the outside the car. Any individual who understands that sugar will ruin an engine will not turn the engine on and end up getting it towed.

Another option is to consider putting mothballs in the tank of your targets car. Mothballs also corrode engines, and it is more of an unusual prank so the actual detecting of the balls will be much harder for a mechanic as compared to sugar. Not to mention, mothball damage can be pervasive; even if one infected part gets replaced, it is easy for the “poison” to spread.

Happy revenge, and remember to take plenty of time to think out your moves before you implement them!

Runny Revenge

High school revenge stories always seem to go the same way. During this part of our lives, it seems as though our best friends will be our best friends forever, and our significant others will be with us always. Of course, the longer you go along in life the more you realize that this is not necessarily the case; but pain when you’re in high school is unique and unlike any other pain.

In this story, there was a girl who discovered that her best friend and her boyfriend were sleeping together behind her back. Suitably infuriated, she decided to get her revenge. The way she did so was by baking a chocolate cake that was full of chocolate ex-lax. She ended up taking the cake to the place where the friend worked, and gave it to her there. The place of work was a restaurant, and many other people ended up sampling the cake. Of course, this ended up in the entire staff of the restaurant getting the runs. The girl says it was funny watching the friend and the rest of the staff rush to the bathroom. Of course, everybody knew where the cake had originated from, and the girl ended up getting six months worth of probation due to this particular incident. However, she still says that the entire trip was worth it and that she would’ve done it again in a heartbeat.

Of course, it just goes to show that cheaters never prosper, and in fact might find themselves chained to the bathroom for a little bit longer than they would like. That’s some delicious revenge!

No Sugar – Just Revenge

Sometimes the appearance of revenge can be better than actually doing something harmful to property or persons. For example, take this story. A law student was just about ready to graduate from Florida University, and he was tired of dealing with the antics of the valedictorian. Basically, the valedictorian would never shut up about how great a lawyer he was, and how he was going to get the best job ever. Now, the law student realized that doing something such as putting sugar in the gas tank is actually illegal as it falls under the destruction of personal property. However, this did not stop him from getting his revenge.

What the student ended up doing was pouring a little bit of glue on the side of the valedictorians car, and then pouring sugar on top of the glue so that it looked as though there was sugar in the gas tank. When the valedictorian came outside and saw the sugar on his car, he had to call a tow truck as running the engine could cause damage. Of course, when the car got to the mechanics shop, the mechanic told him that there was no sugar in his car. Of course, this was on the day of the bar exam.

The valedictorian ended up missing the bar exam and had to wait longer to be able to graduate. This kind of revenge is unique in that it doesn’t actually harm anybody or personal property, but it definitely throws a monkey wrench in the plans of those who like to step all over others in the name of success!

Don’t Do Drugs

A good reason to stay away from drugs is the trouble that they can cause in your life. In this story, a wife employed a neighbor’s teenage daughter to babysit until the wife found out that the daughter was doing drugs. They immediately fired the daughter and told the daughter’s mother about the drug issue. Apparently, this displeased the daughter and set off a long string of revenge.

The daughter ended up keying the wife’s car and also making harassing phone calls at least 10 times a day. She also started writing allegations about child abuse in the house of the wife, which were untrue. Eventually, the wife got fed up and started spreading rumors of her own; namely, that the girl in question may have alternative sexual interests. Also, she ended up setting a camera up which caught the girl on tape while she was keying a car. This ended up with serious legal ramifications for the girl. The wife also lived across the street from the school, and she made sure to phone the daughter’s mother every time that she elected to skip class. The wife even ended up catching the daughter making out with her boyfriend on tape!

If nothing else, it is always a good idea to avoid drugs. Failure to do so can lead in somebody finding out and then a whole string of bad things coming of discovery. Staying out of drugs and out of trouble is the first step toward avoiding a situation that can end in nasty revenge!

Football Revenge

And this is not to say that all football players are evil incarnate, but if you’ve ever been on the business end of a football player who has a bone to pick, you are likely going to get a little bit of enjoyment out of the story. This story takes place in a small, rural town in Texas where football reigned supreme. The girl in the story was a typical artistic nerd; she wore black and eventually became an English major. Of course, she and her friends were often the target of general teasing, but one day the football team took it too far.

Basically, they found out that the girl’s friend was a lesbian and the football team (or, at least 10 of them) went to the friend’s house and vandalized the house and car. They were not particularly good at keeping a secret, however; the quarterback even came up and asked the girls if they had “seen any good art lately.” The local police were no help, as they said that since nobody had seen the football players actually commit the crime it could not be investigated.

Well, it turns out that the football team did not have a very good record. In fact, the very next day after the girls got back from the police office, they skipped school and wrote 0-7 on all of the football players lockers, which happened to be their record for that year. When they got out of class, the football players were all horrified and spent a long time removing the art from their lockers.

This is not a particularly dirty revenge, but it is always good to get a little bit of your own back when dealing with stronger entities.

Make Use of Missionaries

At this site, we always love to give you entertaining and fun revenge stories. The following story is not necessarily a tale of revenge, but rather some good advice about how to deal with unwanted people proselytizing at your door. Everybody knows that dealing with missionaries can be very frustrating, and many times the missionaries are persistent to the point of harassment. If you would like some advice as to how to make those missionaries work for you, take a page from this man’s book!

One day, a man was visited by a missionary. The missionary then proceeded to come back day after day for more than a month even though the man was clearly not interested in the message. Finally, after a months worth of visits, when the missionaries showed up the man stepped out of his house and said, “Thank God! I was praying for some help!”

Of course, the missionary was overjoyed. However, the missionary was somewhat less thrilled when he discovered that the man was actually praying for help to lift some logs in his backyard. After a days worth of backbreaking labor, the man sent the missionary away again.

The man tells us that he does not necessarily know what ended up happening with the missionary, as the missionary never returned. This is not necessarily a story of straight up revenge, but if you have missionaries who will not leave you alone, this is a great way to put that annoyance to work in your favor! We here at Get Revenge love it!

Principal Revenge

Principal RevengeMost of the time, school principals are hard-working individuals that are intimately concerned with the welfare of the students that go to their educational institution. However, you do occasionally get the principal who is seemingly out to get you. If this is the case for you, allow the story of revenge against a high school principal to inspire you.

At one high school, a teen had a troubled relationship with the principal. Eventually, the principal told the teen that she could not go to her high school formal. When the student asked why, the principal referenced an event that she had already been punished for. Incensed, she decided to get her revenge.

The teen found out the location of the formal, and ended up giving them a phone call. Pretending to be the principal, she told the manager of the party that the event had been canceled, but that the location could keep the money.

On the evening of the formal the teen went to the location and watched as hundreds of students showed up to the event which was no longer happening. The event manager told the students and parents that the principal had canceled the formal. Of course, this resulted in the principal’s office getting bombarded with tons of angry letters and phone calls. The principal had no idea what was going on. The protests related to the “canceled formal” went on for weeks and nobody could figure out exactly what had happened.

The teen enjoyed her revenge.

Friendly Revenge

This story is one of two former friends who ended up having several altercations. The first friend offered the second friend a place to stay after the second friend got kicked out of her previous living arrangement. Ostensibly, the first friend should’ve taken this as a warning, but the second friend was in trouble and the first friend decided to help out.

For the first couple of months the second friend was staying with the first friend went fine. It went very well at the beginning, but then the first friend realized that the second friend had been using her e-mail address to pick up guys and cheat on her boyfriend. The first friend also realized that the second friend had been saying very bad things behind the first friend’s back, despite all the help that the first friend was giving.

Incensed, the first friend decided to get her revenge. What she ended up doing was e-mailing all the guys that the second friend had been contacting through the first friend’s account. She gave all of the guys a different e-mail address and said that the second friend could be reached at a new address. The “new” address was actually the address of the second friend’s boyfriend.

Of course, this resulted in problems cropping up in the second friend’s relationship. The second friend knew who had routed the boys to the boyfriend’s e-mail box, of course, but at that point the first friend had already kicked her out and there was nothing that she could do. Sometimes, revenge is best sent through an e-mail account.

Old School Revenge

Restaurant RevengeWhile most of the stories of revenge on this site have to do with revenge in the modern sense – so many people make excellent use of voicemail and social media networks, it seems – it is important to remember that revenge is something that has existed all throughout time.  If you’d like to kick back and enjoy a revenge story from the past, take a journey with us back to the 1930s.

As most of you know, the 1930s was an era ripe with illegal alcohol production in the United States, as prohibition was in effect.  Three brothers who lived in a small North Carolina town were operating a moonshine business, and weren’t encountering any problems until a new sheriff came to town.

The sheriff arrested the brothers and they spent some time in jail – obviously, this made the brothers quite unhappy. When they got out, they heard that the sheriff had been bragging around town about putting a stop to the “miscreants” – and the brothers knew revenge was in order.

One night they approached the sheriff in masks.  Then they proceeded to pour tar all over his body and cover him with feathers – a revenge tactic that has its roots in the Revolutionary War.  Obviously, the sheriff was scared out of his mind.  He left town the next day and was never seen again.

The theme of revenge goes all throughout the history of human kind.  We hope you have enjoyed this history lesson, and remember – never get between a man and his libations!

Restaurant Revenge

Restaurant RevengeThis clever revenge story comes from a man who contracted food poisoning at a local restaurant.  After he had been hospitalized and recovered, the man attempted to contact the manager of the restaurant, with no avail.  The man wasn’t even looking for damages – just an explanation.  But the manager never returned the calls.

Incensed, the man decided to take revenge.  He cut out the city’s logo from his phone book, as well as the logo of the local police.  Then he taped them to a piece of paper and photocopied it, using white out to lighten the dark areas and make more photocopies until the letterhead looked clean and “official.”  Once this was done, he proceeded to write an “official notice” about the owner of the restaurant being a sex offender with minors.  The man and his wife sneaked into the restaurant one night and proceeded to tape up the photocopied notices all over the bathroom stalls.  Then they went to other establishments and did the same thing.  Then they took the remaining notices and dropped them in neighbor’s mailboxes.

Needless to say, the life of the restaurant owner became a little bit more difficult after this incident – and there was considerable mayhem in the restaurant as well.  It just goes to show – if you happen to own a business and you wrong somebody, it’s better to pay attention to the matter right away.  Failure to do so could end up with you getting an unwanted dose of revenge!