Naked Revenge

Some revenge stories are a little bit nasty in scope, but they definitely make for good reading. In this case, it is a traditional case of friends who turned out to be better as enemies. Two women had met at work and became fast friends. However, it was soon learned by one of the women that her “friend” with spreading nasty rumors behind her back about being a whore. Incensed, the woman decided to get her revenge.

Naked Revenge

As many people are involved in social media sites these days, it was easy for the woman to get a hold of pictures of her coworker in semi-naked situations. Once she had these pictures, she took them to the local copy shop and made about 100 copies of the picture with the caption below it saying, “If you want to have a good time, call [coworker’s name].” she then listed the coworkers personal phone number below the picture and proceeded to go around town and put them all up in men’s bathrooms.


Needless to say, the coworker got a number of very interesting calls over the next couple of weeks. The coworker never exactly found out how so many random and apparently lewd men got her number. Eventually, she ended up having to change her cell phone number in order to avoid the calls. It just goes to show – saying someone’s name behind their back usually doesn’t pay off. And when it does pay off, it pays off in annoying and harassing cell phone calls.

Party Revenge

Party Revenge   This revenge story starts and ends the way that many do—with a case of cheating.  In this case there was a high school boyfriend and girlfriend who were having a pretty good relationship—until the boy managed to get grounded by his parents.  He called the girl and told her that he would have to take a vacation from their relationship for the time being—a forced one.  She believed him.

Of course, a day later, the girl was browsing a social media outlet and found out that the boy was making all of these comments about a “new girlfriend” and how happy he was with her.  Incensed, the girl confronted him at his job, where the boy denied everything, saying that his account had gotten hacked.  She believed him—but then the next day there were more updates and pictures of the boy with the new girlfriend, along with several graphic mentionings.

Completely pissed, the girl took her revenge.  She created a new email account and emailed everybody in school about a “party” that was happening at the boyfriend’s house.  She got lots of replies—over 200 people said that they would be there with their friends.

During the night of the “party,” the girlfriend and some of her friends held a stakeout while they watched car after car of party guests arrive at the boy’s house – where his parents were—and attempt to start a party.  Needless to say, the boy got actually grounded this time.  It just goes to show—cheaters never prosper, and they usually end up in trouble with the authorities!