Revenge Through PIN Numbers

Revenge Through PIN Numbers   There are many ways to take creative revenge in the modern world, what with all of the offerings that technology has on the table.  If you’re thinking about doing something nasty to somebody, you’d better think twice—particularly if your foe is somebody like an electrical engineer who knows how the internet works, and, possibly worse, your cell phone!

The victim of this revenge was a hot tennis player who always talked smack—and then once decided to chase down one of his opponents after a game (who happened to be the electrical engineer) with an egg.  Incensed, the engineer decided to take his revenge.

He hacked into the tennis player’s cell phone, and reprogrammed his message to say that the tennis player was looking to “experiment” with men between the ages of 12 and 42, and then changed the PIN so that the message could not be changed.  Another thing to mention is that the tennis player himself was only 16 years old – so imagine the surprise from his mother when she called and tried to leave him a voicemail about something!

The family couldn’t figure out how to fix the tennis player’s PIN number, so they ended up having to go through a long and expensive debacle with the cell phone company in order to remedy the problem—and this was only after plenty of friends and family had called the tennis player’s voicemail.  To make a long and embarrassing story short, it’s a good idea to always think twice before egging your tech-geek acquaintances!

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