Don’t Mess With Girlfriends

Don't Mess With Girlfriends   One of the number one causes of revenge definitely has to do with human relationships. In this game of revenge, there was a boyfriend and girlfriend who were together until the boyfriend realized that the girlfriend was cheating on him with one of his friends. Taking the advice of the ages, he decided not to get mad—he got even.

He snuck into his ex-girlfriend’s house and pulled out the box of condoms. He then took a short syringe and injected a small amount of BenGay into the first condom at the top of the pack. After which, he left his keys on the girlfriends table (as if he was there to drop off his things) and left.

For those who are not aware, the application of BenGay to genital areas results in extreme and excruciating pain. The ex-boyfriend was not around to witness his revenge, but as the neighbor of the ex-girlfriend was the boyfriend’s friend, he was able to hear that the night after he dropped off his key, there was some excruciating screaming coming from the bedroom of the ex-girlfriend and the ex-friend. Needless to say, copulation that night was not as pleasant as either one of them had hoped.

The moral of the story is not to mess with another man’s girlfriend. If you do, you might find yourself in a more painful situation than you would like! To stay on the straight and narrow, and always respect your friends and their relationships, and you won’t get such an Icy Hot revenge!