Cheaters Never Prosper



It’s no surprise that the vast majority of revenge stories have come from cheaters.  It has been said several times that cheaters never prosper, and nowhere is this truer than in the events of revenge!

This story started out similar to many others—a boy and a girl liked each other and got together.  The relationship deepened.  One day, the boy was listening to one of his friends talking about this chick that he had just met—and who happened to be an amazing lay.  At some point during the story, the friend mentioned a black rose tattoo that the chick had on her inner thigh.  This set off a red flag in the boy’s head, since his girlfriend also had a black rose tattoo of the same description.

Of course, the boy asked the girl about it, and she denied it.  The boy and the friend decided to concoct a plan to see if the girl was true or not—and this is what they did.  The boy hid under the bed while the friend met up with the girl.  It turned out that the girl was indeed the same person, double-timing with both of the men.  The friend asked the girl what she thought of the boy, and she replied with, “I hung out with him, but he really wasn’t my type.”

Imagine the surprise of the girl when the boy popped out from under the bed! The boy says that it looked like the girl had seen the face of the grim reaper.  Unsurprisingly, the relationships between the boy and the girl and the girl and the friend ended immediately.  Sweet success!