Young Revenge

Young RevengeNot all revenge has to be earth shattering. Some of the best revenge stories come out of simply getting people back in ways that are satisfactory. This revenge story actually comes from an eighth-grader who decided to take some revenge against his friends after they bailed on helping him.


The eighth-grader had been participating in a school candy sale. He had sold over 20 pounds worth of candy, and needed to be able to carry it home to deliver it. His mother and father were both unable to pick him up from school as they were at work. Deciding that the best way to get help was to bribe some friends, he got in contact with some kids who lived on his block and promised to share some candy with them if they helped him carry the boxes home. The kids agreed to help. The day that the eighth-grader had to carry the candy home however, he was surprised to find that none of his enlisted help had shown up. Later on, after he had managed to carry all 20 pounds of candy home by himself, he found out that his enlisted help had decided to accept a ride from another friend rather than help him carry the candy.


He was understandably a little bit upset. The next week, he was supposed to give some of these friends a ride home when it was raining. Instead, he simply got into the car a little bit early and told his mother that nobody needed a ride that day. About an hour later, the other kids knocked on his door, soaking wet and incensed.


Some revenge is about the little things. But all revenge is about making you feel better!

Revenge Through PIN Numbers

Revenge Through PIN Numbers   There are many ways to take creative revenge in the modern world, what with all of the offerings that technology has on the table.  If you’re thinking about doing something nasty to somebody, you’d better think twice—particularly if your foe is somebody like an electrical engineer who knows how the internet works, and, possibly worse, your cell phone!

The victim of this revenge was a hot tennis player who always talked smack—and then once decided to chase down one of his opponents after a game (who happened to be the electrical engineer) with an egg.  Incensed, the engineer decided to take his revenge.

He hacked into the tennis player’s cell phone, and reprogrammed his message to say that the tennis player was looking to “experiment” with men between the ages of 12 and 42, and then changed the PIN so that the message could not be changed.  Another thing to mention is that the tennis player himself was only 16 years old – so imagine the surprise from his mother when she called and tried to leave him a voicemail about something!

The family couldn’t figure out how to fix the tennis player’s PIN number, so they ended up having to go through a long and expensive debacle with the cell phone company in order to remedy the problem—and this was only after plenty of friends and family had called the tennis player’s voicemail.  To make a long and embarrassing story short, it’s a good idea to always think twice before egging your tech-geek acquaintances!

Don’t Mess With Girlfriends

Don't Mess With Girlfriends   One of the number one causes of revenge definitely has to do with human relationships. In this game of revenge, there was a boyfriend and girlfriend who were together until the boyfriend realized that the girlfriend was cheating on him with one of his friends. Taking the advice of the ages, he decided not to get mad—he got even.

He snuck into his ex-girlfriend’s house and pulled out the box of condoms. He then took a short syringe and injected a small amount of BenGay into the first condom at the top of the pack. After which, he left his keys on the girlfriends table (as if he was there to drop off his things) and left.

For those who are not aware, the application of BenGay to genital areas results in extreme and excruciating pain. The ex-boyfriend was not around to witness his revenge, but as the neighbor of the ex-girlfriend was the boyfriend’s friend, he was able to hear that the night after he dropped off his key, there was some excruciating screaming coming from the bedroom of the ex-girlfriend and the ex-friend. Needless to say, copulation that night was not as pleasant as either one of them had hoped.

The moral of the story is not to mess with another man’s girlfriend. If you do, you might find yourself in a more painful situation than you would like! To stay on the straight and narrow, and always respect your friends and their relationships, and you won’t get such an Icy Hot revenge!

Revenge On the Wonder Boy

Revenge On the Wonder BoyA new tenant moved into a duplex, the second half of which was inhabited by the landlady. Prior to the tenants’ arrival in the home, the landlady’s son actually lived in the other half of the duplex. The trouble was that the son had never really held a job, had bad credit, and was in and out with girlfriends over time. The tenant called him the wonder boy.

Wonder boy had been living with his girlfriend, but in the girlfriend eventually dumped him. Of course, he wished to move back into the other half of his mother’s duplex and harassed the tenant to the point of the tenant having to call the police several times. He also gave his creditors (to whom he owed more than 10k) the tenants’ phone number at the fax machine. This meant that the tenant had to endure calls that were essentially high-pitched faxes.

However, the tenant was smart. She took the information provided on her caller ID, and ended up giving the creditors wonder boy’s mother’s information. After this, the creditors were hot on the trail of wonder boy who ended up getting his wages garnished.

It just goes to show, you shouldn’t bug people living in a lawfully rented house when you don’t follow the law yourself!  Remember to pay your creditors and mind your business, otherwise you might be on the receiving end of some revenge!

Catty Revenge

Catty Revenge   Sometimes, revenge can be over the most bizarre things. In this particular story the revenge occurred over cat burgling. However, the use of cat burgling in this sense is a little bit juicier than what you originally may have been expecting.

Namely, it was a feud started between neighbors over a cat. The first neighbor owned a cat that often went outside. The second neighbor apparently liked it so much that she repeatedly stole the cat and would keep it inside of her home for hours. This annoyed the first neighbor, and after a few months of bringing her concerns up to the second neighbor and having them ignored she decided to take revenge.

In this case, revenge occurred in the form of worming tablets. The first neighbor decided to feed her cat a slightly larger portion of the medicine that the cat normally took. One of the side effects of this particular medication is that if taken in large doses it causes loose bowels in felines.

So in this case, the revenge was executed when the second neighbor took the cat into her home for hours, and, unable to control itself, the cat defecated all over the inside of the house.

The first neighbor now reports that the second neighbor no longer tries to keep the cat in her house for hours. It just goes to show that kidnapping never pays—even if the kid in question is actually a cat. Make sure that you keep your grubby claws to yourself so you can avoid this kind of revenge!

Wet Hot Revenge

Wet Hot Revenge

Wet Hot Revenge

This story starts as revenge stories do—with a cheating husband.  A husband and a wife were married, and about ten years into it (and after kids), it was discovered that the husband was cheating.  The wife left immediately and moved back across the country to be with her parents.

Eventually, the husband came back to see the kids, and the husband and wife went to a hotel room where they got carried away—as they always had done.  Fast forward to 3am, where the husband is taking a shower, thinking that all is well with the world again.  She took all the towels from the room, the sheets from the bed, the blankets, and all of the clothes, and shoes.  Then she took his cell phone, wallet, and keys, and stole the handle from the room phone.

When the husband got out of the shower, the wife says that he, “should have kept his pants on!” and then ran out the door with all of her goodies, leaving the husband in the room with no way to contact anybody and no way to get dry.

The wife says that she had no idea how her (now ex) husband was able to get out of the room or what he ended up explaining to the hotel staff, but she couldn’t care less.  Now that’s what we call a wet, hot recipe for well-deserved revenge!  It just goes to show that cheaters really never do prosper—and in fact might end up wet, naked, and with nowhere to go!

Dorm Revenge – Music!

Dorm Revenge - Music!

Dorm Revenge - Music!

If you’re looking for some revenge that is music to your ears, check out this interesting revenge story that was cooked up in the dorms of an Ivy League school.  A resident in the dorms was playing his stereo way too loud at night—and after repeated requests to stop were ignored, revenge was due.

Fortunately for those who were plotting revenge, there was a crack in the loud student’s wall that ran to the next-door neighbor’s room.  They managed to break into the student’s room while he was out, and run some speaker wire from the room of the loud student to the neighbor’s.

Then, a couple weeks of fun were in store.  The students plotting revenge taped the sound of a fly buzzing and fed it through to the loud student’s room, who spent a few days trying to figure out where the fly was and how to kill it.  Then, when the loud student left for a weekend, the other students played a tape of a couple of people fighting and threatening to kill each other at very loud volume.  He got some strange looks when he got back.  After, they finally started playing loudheavy metal music at 3 in the morning, while the student ran around trying to frantically turn off the sound.

Dorm Revenge – Music!

Eventually, the student did locate the speaker wire and managed to rip it out.  Suffice it to say, though, that he never played music loudly in the middle of the night again.  And that was music to everybody’s ears!

Ring, Ring, Revenge

Ring, Ring, Revenge

Ring, Ring, Revenge

Nobody likes a telemarketer.  While they are thankfully less common these days with the advent of the Do Not Call list, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get one every once in a while.  If you’re tired of telemarketers calling in the middle of dinner (or in the middle of anything, really) and you’d like to get some revenge, try this heart-stopping ploy.

First, when the telemarketer calls, put the phone down after saying that you’ll try and get the person that they are asking for.  Then, get a brown paper bag and blow it full of air.  While halfway across the room, start shouting – “Hey!  Hey!  Who are you!  Oh my God!  Get out of my house- wait, wait, is that a gun, no, don’t–” and then run across the room, knock the phone to the floor, and pop the paper bag.

For maximum effect, pick up the phone afterwards and go “oh my God!  I’ve been shot!”

This will likely give the telemarketer the scare of his or her life.  The people who have gone through with this ploy have reported that it really does work when trying to get the telemarketer not to call again—it’s like a revenge-laden version of the Do Not Call list, but more like “Do not call this number because the people who live at this address are absolutely crazy!”

There are many forms of revenge to take and many who deserve them—consider having a little bit of fun with the next person who tries to sell you something on the phone.

Mince Pie Revenge

Mince Pie Revenge

Mince Pie Revenge

Sometimes, the best revenge comes in (not-so-delicious) packages.  Consider the following story of a guy who got tired of his brother’s less-than-thoughtful approach to mince pies.  Mince pies are a particularly popular food item to be had around the holidays, when both the guy and his brother were home from school.

The brother was older and generally away at college—and ostensibly, college had not taught the brother how not to take things that were not his.  The guy got a package of four mince pies for Christmas, and put them in the fridge.  The next day, when the guy opened his refrigerator, he found that there were only three mince pies left.  Clearly, the brother was the culprit.  A little peeved, the guy told his brother not to eat any more of his pies.

Unfortunately, the message did not seem to stick—the next day there was another mince pie gone. At this point, the guy ate one himself, worried that he wasn’t going to be able to get to eat any of his present.  He also talked to the brother.  The next day?  Another mince pie is gone.

Upset, the guy took his last mince pie and pulled back the pastry, smearing a thick layer of extra spicy mustard on the bottom of it, and then pouring a generous helping of hot sauce over it before putting the filling back in.  Then he waited.  On cue, a few hours later, there was a howl of disgust from the refrigerator as the brother ran to the bathroom to spit out the doctored pie.

Keep the holiday spirit alive in the New Year by ringing it in with creative (and cute) revenge!

A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation

If you’d like to hear about a prom revenge story that is sticky and sweet at the same time, read on!  At one particular high school, the most popular couple in school had a reputation for being nasty to other people who weren’t as “good.”  One day, they decided to belittle one of the underclassmen to the point of tears—and her boyfriend was not at all pleased.  Revenge was planned for prom night.

Most of the kids who were attending prom that night were staying in the same hotel room.  The boy managed to get a hold of the second hotel key card to their room, and then waited for the night to progress to the point where everybody started drinking.

Unsurprisingly, the popular couple had their share of libations and passed out drunk.  The boy then snuck into the room with a bottle of honey and started his revenge.  He stripped the couple of their clothes, and then covered both of them with the honey, making sure that their bodies were pressed together.  He then stole all of the clothes (and all of the leftover beer, of course) and left the room.

The next morning, the popular couple woke up naked, hungover, and stuck together.  They had to hobble to the shower together, and then call their parents to come get them—and of course the parents were less than pleased to find them naked in the hotel room.  But you have to admit—this revenge is sweet.

Revenge – In a Purse!

revenge in a purse

Revenge- In a Purse

Many people have taken up the idea of “pursing” people, or luring an individual that has bad tendencies toward a purse with the thought that they might make some fast money off of somebody else’s misfortune—but they end up with a less pleasant surprise instead.

Expert pursers recommend that you go out and get a cheap purse from Target and WalMart.  Once it’s in your hand… go out and find a pile of dog (or other animal) poo and shovel the bag up.  Then, go to a semi-populated area—like the outside of a movie theater—and leave the open bag in a conspicuous place.  Once your bait is set, just cross the street and mind your own business for a bit—you’ll be surprised at how fast somebody takes the bait!

This is just a silly little way to get revenge against those who might have less than pure intentions at heart.  It’s likely that the person who falls victim to your little revenge prank will never know you were responsible—but on the other hand, they’re probably a lot less likely to try and snitch money from unsupervised purses!

Get Skunked

Get Skunked

Get Skunked

One of the most heinous ways to get revenge on somebody is to skunk them.  Of course, in order to appreciate how intense this version of revenge can be, you have to read a story to go along with it.  Fortunately, we have the perfect skunking story for you!

A woman wanted to get revenge against a coworker who was completely obnoxious and ended up as one of those infamous “false friends.”  Essentially, the coworker never did any work, and ended up blaming the fact that a project didn’t get done on time on the woman—even though it was the coworker who was at fault.  Upset, the woman decided to get her revenge.

First, she spent an entire evening driving around town looking for road kill.  Frankly, she would have taken anything—she was first looking for cats and dogs.  Eventually, however, she came across a dead skunk.  She ended up picking it up from the road—and when she did so, she heard a sucking noise as it was pulled from the pavement, so she knew it was fresh.

After putting it in a garbage bag, she drove to the coworker’s house.  Taking out the bag, she slammed it against the hood of the coworker’s car and dragged the smashed remains of the skunk all over the coworker’s windshield.

What makes it even better is that the coworker didn’t wake up until after noon the next day, and the weather was scorching—perfect revenge!

Hair of the Dog



For those of you who are looking for a creative way to get revenge against somebody who has treated you like a dog, take a page from the book of two creative sisters.  Like many revenge stories, this one has its roots in cheating.  One of the sisters had a boyfriend who ended up treating her like a dog—as in, he had a few other romantic interests on the side.

Deciding that she wasn’t going to take this lying down, one of the sisters enlisted the help of the other.   What they decided to do went down in the legendary books of revenge.  They spent a couple of days searching the local highways and streets for the carcass of a dead dog.  It took them a while, but they eventually found one—and as they were steeling themselves to collect the carcass, the police showed up.

In this instance, though, the police were helpful—the sisters made up a story about the dog being theirs and wanting to bury it.  Seeing two girls in distress made the police help them collect the dead dog and bag it up.  Giggling, the sisters took the dog to the house of the boyfriend that night.

Using a leash and collar, they attached the dog’s body to the end of the car.  The next morning when the boyfriend got up, he likely didn’t realize it until it was too late, and the cops were called on him for animal cruelty after the neighbor saw him dragging the dead body of a dog behind his car!

Cheaters Never Prosper



It’s no surprise that the vast majority of revenge stories have come from cheaters.  It has been said several times that cheaters never prosper, and nowhere is this truer than in the events of revenge!

This story started out similar to many others—a boy and a girl liked each other and got together.  The relationship deepened.  One day, the boy was listening to one of his friends talking about this chick that he had just met—and who happened to be an amazing lay.  At some point during the story, the friend mentioned a black rose tattoo that the chick had on her inner thigh.  This set off a red flag in the boy’s head, since his girlfriend also had a black rose tattoo of the same description.

Of course, the boy asked the girl about it, and she denied it.  The boy and the friend decided to concoct a plan to see if the girl was true or not—and this is what they did.  The boy hid under the bed while the friend met up with the girl.  It turned out that the girl was indeed the same person, double-timing with both of the men.  The friend asked the girl what she thought of the boy, and she replied with, “I hung out with him, but he really wasn’t my type.”

Imagine the surprise of the girl when the boy popped out from under the bed! The boy says that it looked like the girl had seen the face of the grim reaper.  Unsurprisingly, the relationships between the boy and the girl and the girl and the friend ended immediately.  Sweet success!