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Welcome to GetRevenge.com. “Revenge” is defined by wikipedia.org as “a harmful action against a person or group in response to a grievance, be it real or perceived”. Revenge, otherwise known as payback or retribution, is in many peoples’ eyes, a perfect justice.

GetRevenge.com is all about Revenge, the ethical and legal way. Methods of revenge range from the light comical to the very serious, and everything in between. Get Revenge is a open forum, an online source for information on methods of revenge, and offers a unique FREE way to get revenge online by posting stories about people or companies that have done you wrong!

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School Fish

So going through your senior year of high school can sometimes feel like going to 12 years of hell. You sometimes have good teachers and sometimes you have teachers that are so mean and vicious that you wish they’d just retire. Well this revenge story was from a young man and his group of friends that decided instead to paying back just one teacher they’d make their entire school suffer.

Attending school in Florida “Adam” and his friends decided to use the spring/summer humidity to their advantage so close to the end of school they bought a total of 12 fish and waited until the teachers left and went around to random lockers that were unlocked and stuffed the fish in the lockers before they padlocked the lockers closed. They returned to school on Monday and the entire school thanks to the Florida humidity smelled of disgusting rotting fish. The smell didn’t leave the school for several days.

While this is more of a school prank then revenge it is nonetheless a fairly good revenge. The only thing that this doesn’t really accomplish in terms of revenge is it doesn’t target one person. Everyone becomes a victim instead of the one or couple people that the revenge is really planned for. And while it was decided among Adam and his friends that it would be funnier if everyone suffered that “everyone” therefore includes you as well.

If you want to pull off a really good revenge you want it to be precise and target the person deserving of the revenge. Otherwise everyone suffers and the lesson the revenge is supposed to teach is lost. You become more of an annoyance than someone seeking revenge. I think to make this more of a revenge the fish should have been put in the teacher’s desk or perhaps hidden somewhere in the teachers’ lounge. But then again the smell would still travel around the school. Good prank anyway.


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The concept of revenge has been around since the dawn of man. Whether a need to assert power or a means to enact justice, it is all around us. Organized societies have long debated its morality, and whether the punishment, or retribution, should be simply proportional or more than the original injury. Different religions vary on teachings with regard to revenge, but on the whole it seems most condemn it. However, regardless of the morality or "right or wrong" of the concept, revenge is a basic human function that will always be with us.

In recent decades, the Internet has brought about widespread change in the way people interact with each other. For better or worse these changes allow for people to interact with each other globally, instantly, anonymously, and for good or bad reasons. Part of the downside of what this technology has added to the way people communicate is the ability for people, usually anonymously, to post information about others online, often times damaging or defamatory information. GetRevenge.com is NOT a place to do that; rather, it is a place to enact or get revenge on someone who has done this very same thing to you, either online or off.

Our website allows users to post information and stories about how they have gotten revenge against someone for something they did. GetRevenge.com allows users to post videos, pictures, and commentary about revenge tactics they have used, as well as allow users to post reviews, complaints, reports, and more about people or companies that have ripped them off, allowing them to use the site as a potential way to enact revenge or justice. Thanks for visiting, and take your time, as some say that revenge is a dish served best cold.